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SPR Saturday Morning Ride 12th Sep – Headwinds

Well i headed out on this morning’s SPR ride with some trepidation. The weather in Perth the last few days has not been the best, gale force winds, torrential winds, you get the picture. Thankfully the wind was the only one that came to play today and that was enough.

I had prepped the bike the night before and covered all the essentials, wet weather gear and clothing to keep me warm. Come the morning though i removed some of the wet weather stuff as it was not looking to bad outside, but kept the jacket just incase.

The warmup ride to the start point was a good indication of what was to come for the morning. Thru the burbs was fine but once i hit the foreshore it was almost like going backwards, soul building they say, more like leg building. Arrival at the start point was a bit of a confidence boost, there was a decent crew out today.

After the usual route brief – today was to be Scarborough Beach Rd to West Coast Highway and back to the Bell Tower -we headed out. The trek thru the city was pretty ok between the traffic lights, but trouble hit me when we got to the end of St Georges Tce, i hate hills and this one is short but steep. Needless to say i got dropped pretty quick. Thankfully i made up time and was back on by Thomas Rd/Loftus St. From here i stuck with the group till Scarborough Beach Rd, from then on i was on my own, this was going to be a long ride.

The rest of the ride consisted of me battling the wind on my own, just keeping the group in sight. Eventually they lost me on West Coast Highway, I must have bene going backwards with the wind. Next thing i know the fast group (who did an extra loop) have caught me, this was a lil pep to try to stay with them, but i knew that wouldn’t last long. I battled on til Dalkeith where we head back. This was a nicer section due to less wind and seeing how the other half live, especially down Jutland Parade (used to be one of the most expensive strips in real estate).

I cruised on back to the Bell Tower Cafe and enjoyed a coffee (hot choc for me) with the rest of the crew before a gentle ride home to get into the rest of the day. Today really brought out some of the areas i need to focus my training on, mainly hills. This will be where i’ll have to get some work into over the warmer months i think.

All in all a good day, and i finished which is the main thing. Tomorrow off to Langford Park, Jarrahdale for some real riding (MTB) with the lads.

My stat & course for today -> here.


2 responses

  1. I can help with those hills mate 

    12 September, 2009 at 15:08

  2. Great write up and you did better than me. Having only one week back on the bike I decided to bail this morning. No legs for a hard ride. Anyway keep at it and you will seen be leading the rest out.

    12 September, 2009 at 16:09

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