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Last Minute Arvo Ride

Well not sure if this was the smartest idea but decided to head out for a Friday arvo spin. Part fueled on by the fact I hadn’t ridden all week and also needed to test my new feet strapping for orthotics. I organised with a few of the Twitter lads to meet up with them on their commute home. This would give me some company (motivation) and also a chance to meet a few of the guys I hadn’t as yet.

The day was a bit of a stinker in Perth, after many nice days in the mid 20’s it all of a sudden decided we should have a 32C+ day in the middle of spring. I hoped the ‘ol Freo Doctor would blow in and drop that a bit. Needless to say this didn’t totally go to plan, the wind was changing direction more than a woman changing her mind.

I headed out along the South Perth foreshore, the temp had dropped from earlier int he day but still a bit warm for my liking. The wind was light but noticable. It was fairly routine to the Narrows where I met Aushiker and Velopilot. After topping up water we headed south as this was the usual route for Velopilot. The wind was coming and going but we made pretty good pace to Canning Bridge, with only a small runin with another cyclist who didn’t look behind him and tried to overtake  a slow rider as the 3 of us were overtaking both of them. He had a bit of a sook but we sorted it out and he joined us for a few kms.

We took turns on the front and kept an even pace, but as we neared the Shelley Bridge my feet started to give me grief. The new trial strapping was not the most comfortable and the left foot was going numb. Just after the bridge we stopped so I could adjust my shoes and get some reprieve, also was a good chance for a breather, the heat was still not in my comfort zone.

After the short break we continued on, this was all new territory for me as I had not been this far south on the Freeway cycle path, so I sort of took a back seat and took in the new route I could use in the future.  At Farrington St I called it quits due to time restraints. We had a quick yarn and discussed the morons riding motorised bikes around the area and others without helmets etc, then i headed back home. Aushiker decided to stay with Velopilot a bit longer so i was heading home on my own. This was good as I could maintain my own pace according to how my feet felt. Most of the trip I just took it easy and enjoyed ‘the scenery’, which was pretty decent due to the warm weather, but the fashion police would still have been kept busy.

Return was fairly routine, saw a few fellow SPR riders along the way and also stopped for a quick feet rest at the Narrows. By the time I got back to South Perth foreshore the wind had changed again and I had a decent headwind the remainder of the trip home.

All in all a nice friday arvo ride, felt a bit average due to the heat and my feet, but was a good chance to meet some fellow cyclists and do a few kms. I’m sure we’ll be out again next week with some slightly cooler weather.

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  1. Great write up and good to hear you got back okay. How are the feet holding up?


    17 October, 2009 at 21:22

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