Tales and tall stories…

Bloody Weather Forecasters….

Well what a start to the day! What was supposed to be a fairly easy sat morning ride with SPR as a warm up for tomorrow’s XC State Championships, ended up being a battle of endurance and the fight to stay upright.

The weather forecast had been for a nice day, high 20’s and a few clouds blowing in during the afternoon. From the outset it was never going to be that. As I left the house I copped a quick sprinkle so doubled back for a 2nd layer in case it got really wet and windy. Heading down to the start point showed no signs of improvement, the wind was howling & picking up, plus a few more drops of rain were blowing in.

I reached the start point at South Perth just on 0700, so just enough time for a quick chat with Lorraine about the previous night’s saga of replacing a tyre at the last minute (I hate road tyres). I spotted Durx and Madrapper, we got the brief and were off. As usual I attempted to stay near the front so as not to get dropped to soon. Heading off i had a quick chat to the lads but a few kms in we lost Durx to a flat, not a good start to the day and he headed for home.

On the way out we would have the headwind, and coming a long Great Eastern it wasn’t too bad, manageable. The split near Ascot was fun as a few mad snap decisions of the group to join. I stayed with the main group and kept with them til we hit the Great Eastern by-pass, here I started to fall of the back, nothing new really, still not up to the pace of everyone else. From here the fight with the wind was a lone one. The start of Kalamunda Rd was ok, but the wind was picking up, but i just kept a consistent pace and trudged on. This was all fine until just near Abernathy Rd where it opened up and the wind was really at play, heading over the railway overpass was a mission in itself, gale force winds whipping up sand and ripping into the skin. This combined with the gusting of the wind made it an interesting task to stay upright and see where you were going. Needless to say I battled on and HTFU. I continued the battle with the wind along the rest of Kalamunda road and onto Hale road where finally there was a reprieve every now and again. Did have a small encounter on Kalamunda with someones Rotti that was lose on the road, causing havoc to traffic.

As Hale road got close to Welshpool a few of the fast, fast group caught me. They hung around for a bit trying to decide whether to wait for the rest or just go, eventually shooting off into the distance. By now I was heading home along Welshpool Rd, and now had a bit of a tailwind which made life a hell of a lot easier. I spent the rest of the trip wondering when the rest of the fast group would catch me but some how I held them off til the finish, which in turn earned me a Hot choc from Lorraine who said any of us Twitter lads who beat her, it was her shout. Thanks Lorraine, I got lucky today 🙂

The final part of the trip was pretty routine except for all the Tri (hards:) out training for tomorrow’s ITU Long Distance Triathalon World Champs. Some of those guys & gals are machines, better them than me. I enjoyed my Hot choc and chat with the crew before heading home to get started on the weekend and rest up before the State Xc Champs at the Goatfarm tomorrow.

Route & Stats


3 responses

  1. Great work mate. Almost glad a flat arrived today. Very little motivation after very little sleep and a busy week.

    Great work on the free refreshments.

    24 October, 2009 at 13:06

  2. Nico

    Good day to miss by the sounds of it 🙂

    24 October, 2009 at 16:57

  3. Hi

    Great ride report. Sounds like a much harder ride than I had this morning. We went south of Fremantle on 60 km fairly flat route. Winds where noticeable but not as bad given your account. Well done for getting the hot choc 🙂


    24 October, 2009 at 23:17

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