Tales and tall stories…

SPR Sat Morning Ride 7th Nov

Well it was a struggle to get out of bed this morning and almost didn’t happen, but I dragged my lazy arse out for a ride with the crew. The weather was looking good, not too hot but did become humid. The wind which has been a factor over the last few weekends was pretty light today, just the way I like it. Enough to keep you cool but not too much that you feel your riding nowhere.

I headed off to the start and got there just in time due to the procrastination about getting out of bed. Thankfully the front tyre (thanks Lorraine) was holding up after having to find a temporary til my new one gets here from the UK (bloody postal strike). The real test would be to complete the ride without issue. Lorraine and Dave were already in the waiting SPR group.

Today our course would take us thru the city, out Scarborough Beach road and return via West Coast Hwy and Dalkeith. After taking off I forgot to start my Garmin 705 til halfway thru the city, so I missed the first few kms from the start. Going thru the city was a constant barrage of red lights but we eventually came to the good ol Mount St hill. Just before hitting this someone pointed out that my rear was flat. Think it was more a case of the tyre struggling under my hugeness but i put a bit of air into it for good measure.

The group continued on to Thomas Rd/Loftus St and I caught up with the help of yet more red lights. Scarborough Beach road was a fairly routine affair and I continue to maintain contact with the main group thanks to the constant red lights. A few individuals will need words about the dangers of running red lights as some incidents occurred. Halfway out the split took place and soon after I dropped off the back. I did manage to keep a few riders in sight for the rest of Scarborough Beach Road and half of West Coast Hwy.

West Coast Hwy was a nice ride today, the wind was light, more of a breeze and prooved to be refreshing. Most of the trip I kept a rider or 2 in sight til near Swanbourne. As I turned off West Coast Hwy a few of the fast group came flying past and a few more met me at the Stirling Hwy lights in Claremont. Heading thru Dalkeith is a fairly easy stretch and you can lift the head and see how the other half lives, with their mansions and glorious river views along Jutland Parade and surrounds. Here a few of the fast group stragglers came thru, I held for a brief moment but they were soon gone.

The final stretch thru Nedlands and along Mounts Bay road was uneventful but i had noticed the front was getting a bit light on air. I was glad it had survived this far and was looking forward to my hot choc. On arrival I found Madrapper and Lorraine had just arrived 5-10mins earlier (so I wasn’t too far off the group) and had already ordered our post ride beverage. We had the usual post ride discussion and discussed the plans for our Perth International Track GP outing tonight, before heading home to relax.


Route stats (1st few kms missing)

Full route (previous ride)


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