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First Ride for 2010

Well the motivation indicator was sitting a bit low this morning but I managed to drag myself out of bed for the 1st SPR ride of the year and also my 1st ride for 2010. It was shaping up to be a warm one with 36C forecast for the day and a decent NE blowing in. I headed out the door to the start and passed a few fellow SPR riders on their way to the start as well.

Numbers suggested the New Year celebrations hadn’t affected too many and the novice group was at its largest yet (well done guys). Since Peter has been away the start is a bit shambled with no one else too keen to step up, but with a few ‘lets get goings and a rider or two heading in the right direction the rest followed.

After the initial breakup thru the lights along Canning Hwy & the start of Great Eastern the group got into a nice rhythm. Already we could feel the affects of the headwind as the pack was travelling slower than usual along this section. The split near the Garratt Rd bridge went well with a few last minute decisions by some to not do the fast group. The main group continued on over the bridge and onto Guildford Rd, passing many a New Year’s day race goer coming back to get their cars from Ascot. After a short distance things took shape and a roll thru began, but didn’t last long as the wind took over and the stronger riders upped the pace. This is where I fell of the back (nothing totally new). I maintained sight but couldn’t quite get back on. As the turn to West Swan road approached it was starting to look like I might get back but 2 Red lights halted any chance of that.

Along West Swan Rd I had the group in sight  and was slowly gaining as they slowed to regroup a bit, but once they turned and had the wind behind them they were off. I continued on enjoying the once headwind now a tailwind, it really does make life easier. Every now and again I caught glimpses of the group as we rolled over a few small hills. On my own though i was feeling every change in the wind and even the slightest turn towards it caused a big slow down.

Heading back to the city thru the back of Morley and down Coode St, I could still see the main group in front of me, so I wasn’t too far behind, just not able to bridge the gap on my own though. I was sort of expecting to start having a few of the fast group catch me by now, but think they were feeling the wind as well.

Once I hit Railway Parade it was home stretch. A few road repairs here had made the surface nice and smooth and a pleasure to ride on, now they just need to finish the rest of the road. I rolled thru the back of East Perth and enjoyed a fast downhill run to the river only getting 1 red light at the end. The trip down Riverside drive was nice with the wind at your back and the coolness of the Swan to refresh you a little. I got into the coffee shop soon after the rest of the group bad was pretty chuffed the fast group hadn’t caught me for a change.

All in all a good start to the cycling year and looking forward to racking up many more Kms (aiming for about 5k) and improving my riding fitness. Although I was a bit disappointed with the amount of glass out and about on the roads & PSPs after New Year’s celebrations. Not the best thing to have to avoid all morning, but thankfully avoided any punctures.

Route & Stats


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