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Crossfit, here we come

Again it has been a long time since I last posted. But its time to get back into it. A new year, a new topic.

I’ve been interested in Crossfit for a while, I think the first spark was seeing it on The Biggest Loser with Commando Steve. Over the coming year I hope to document my introduction and progression thru Crossfit. I’m not really going to go into what it is it too much as there are many other sites that do a better job of it already. Simply put, Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program.

When I first got interested in Crossfit, finding a local gym that practiced it was a difficult task. The closest 1 I found was in Joondalup, just a wee bit too far to travel. Recently though I visited the World Games Expo and happened to come across the Crossfit stand. After a bit of a chat with the guys I found there was a local gym not far from home that had opened not long ago. As part of the expo they were offering a free session to try it out, decision made, I was going.

Welcome to The Crossfit Chamber.

I took a midweek visit to check out the place and meet the crew. Chad is the trainer running the show, a very approachable young guy who knows his stuff. It looked like the goods so I booked a free session for the wife and myself.

Last Saturday was D-Day. We rocked up ready for a good workout, and weren’t disappointed. There were 3 others there to give it a go as well. Chad had organised a great introduction workout. It involved a 200m run, a kettlebell swing, and body pullups. Might not sound like much but when you put it all together as a circuit and complete for time, it’s a damn good workout. This our 1st introduction was a good start, we decided we’d continue and do the On Ramp sessions.

The On Ramp sessions basically run thru the techniques used in many of the workouts and help you work on getting it right at a slower pace before hitting it hard in the normal sessions. This helps to get the most out of your workout and reduce the chances of injury.

Tonight was our first On Ramp session. We were introduced to the Squat progression. This as the name suggest goes thru the different variations of squat techniques used, both with & without weight. Following this we did a workout involving some of the skills, again this was for time. While this short session may have lasted just under 10mins it was worth a normal hour in the gym. And we both know we will be feeling it tomorrow.

With the 1st On Ramp session done the wife and I are definitely looking forward to the 2nd one (although tomorrow we may have second thoughts).

If your keen to learn more there are many videos on youtube to whet the appetite and websites from Crossfit affiliates all over the world. Once you’ve decided to give it a go, check out your local Crossfit gym and they will be none to happy to help. Those near Redcliffe can check out The Crossfit Chamber, I have a few free session passes to get you started or tell Chad I sent you.

See you after the next session


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