Tales and tall stories…

On Ramp session 2

Well last night was the second On Ramp session and we were set for another big one with Chad at The Crossfit Chamber. We were now moving onto the Pull Progression sequence of movements. This started with learning the correct techniques for deadlifts and went on to include Sumo Deadlift Highpull, the Clean (the first half of the Olympic Clean & Jerk event), Kettle bell swings and finished with burpees (everyones favourite).

Following the techniques lesson we moved onto a short workout session. This was 15 deadlifts(40kg) followed by 5 burpees. We were to complete 4 sets of this for time. Looking at it on the board it didn’t seem such a daunting task but by the 3rd set the body was feeling it. Sticking it out to the 4th gave the jelly arm feeling but thankfully just over 4mins and it was all over. All up another good session.

Saturday will see us completing the final On Ramp session and then doing our first official workout and setting a basline for ourselves before getting into normal sesisons.


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