Tales and tall stories…

Date with Fran

Today was our final On Ramp session. We stepped into the Push Progression range of exercises. This took in the press, push press, push jerk and thrusters. One thing to note when doing the push press, don’t forget to tilt your head back otherwise you will smash your nose, like I did today. Lets just call it a noob mistake I won’t be making again.

Next was our first WOD (Workout of the Day). It was to be a simplified(for beginners) version of Fran. This involves 3 sets of thrusters and pull-ups in descending numbers, 21-15-9. Normally its 40kg for the thrusters  but simplified was 20kg and pull-ups were done using the rings. For an example of the full WOD check out the video below. Fran is used by many crossfit affiliates as a baseline test for getting a starting point for you to work from. Lets just say its not easy, time for me was 4.19mins.

Next week we start normal WODs, so stay tuned.


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