Tales and tall stories…

Week 2 – Battle Against the Heat

The weather in Perth of late has not been overly comfortable so this week would be a battle with both the body and the elements. Also to start the week I had an afternoon of water skiing on Sunday and a circuit with Training with Dave. This was going to be a hard week….

Our first WOD of the week was all about upper body; hang power cleans and hand release pushups followed by a 200m run for sets of 20-15-10-5. This was after a 10min warmup of volume trainingwhich involved sets of 3-4 pullups on the minute. My first set for 20 I managed with 40kg on the bar and began the 2nd likewise but after almost dropping it on myself I scaled to a more managable 30kg for the rest of the WOD. The pushups went the same way, full for the first set and a bit before scaling down to knees and by the end I was luck to just push out a normal pushup. Finishing time was 11:26.

Wednesday was another smash in the heat & humidity. Warmup consisted of 4 rounds of 15 kettlebell swings + 20 walking lunges. Then the main event; 100 pullups for time with a 50m sprint at the top of every minute then returning to the pullup count. No mean feat with the conditions, but I managed a reasonable 7:57 although I have some decent blisters to show for it.

By Friday the body was starting to feel the sessions of the week and the heat was not going to help. Tonight was to be no reprieve, Deadlifts & everyones favourite – Burpees in sets of 21-15-9. All this after a ‘warmup’ (I used that term lightly) of 20m sprints – 6x forward, 4x backwards, 6x side to side running, 4x heal kicks & 3 rounds of 5x pushups & 10x air squats. My 1st set was with 70kg on the deadlift and full burpees, halfway thru the 2nd I had to scale the weight to 60kg and the burpees were getting hard. I kept the 60kg again on the final round but the burpees became pushups. Time was 6:50, nowhere near the 3.50 ballpark of the front runners but a good place to be after only 2 weeks. The night was then finished off with a stretch session compliments of Amy.

For those that were keen there was a special Saturday session to be held at the South Perth foreshore. Due to other commitments I was unable to make it but the Little Lady was able to attend. Dealing with temps near 40C this was going to be a hard sesison. The workout was done in teams of 2 (with only 1 member working at a time), with a goal to complete; 100 Thrusters, 100 kettlebell swings, 100 Burpees & a 2km run for time. The Little Lady and her teammate finished in a very respecable 22.42.

I am going to enjoy a weekend of forced recovery ready to face what Chad has in store for us next week.


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