Tales and tall stories…

1 Month On

The WODs

This week was a short week for me at The Chamber. With The KarriCup on Sunday, a Public holiday on Monday and an injured shoulder I only got 2 sessions in.

The 1st was Wednesday, with legs still a little fatigued from the 100kms on the bike on Sunday and squat clean & jerks on the menu it was going to be a fun night. Our warmup started with 3 rounds of 15x wall balls, 10x kettlebell swings and a 200m run (really a wortkout in itself). This was followed by the main event, 30 squat clean & jerks for time. With a weight of 40kg I completed it in 6:39, which I think was about middle of the field.

Friday’s session was to be Fran prep, 25 mins of thrusters to find your 3 rep max. Due to my dodgy shoulder(agrivated by the Wed sesh), I did front squats instead, which is the 1st half of a thruster anyway. Warmup was 4 rounds of 10x squats with a 20kg barbell bar, 5x crunches and a 200m run. For the 3 rep max I jumped in with some of the guys pushing the bigger weights. We started with a nice easy 40kg to ease into it, then progressed in 10kg increments to 70kg. By this stage the reps were getting harder to push out so we dropped to 5kg increases, allowing us to reach a max of 80kg. A good solid effort to finish the week.

Thoughs after a Month

Well after 4 weeks, i’m impressed. Really feeling some improvements. I’ve dropped about 5kg, feeling stronger (this was most noticable on the KarriCup) and best of all, just generally feeling fit and healthy. The Wife and I are really enjoying the sessions with Chad and the crew at The Crossfit Chamber, its a great community environment where you can train hard and have constant support from your peers. Looking forward to the next month and reaping the benefits. Also starting this month is the Crossfit Games, which I’m hoping to have a go at and see where I stand in the crossfit world (nowhere near the pointy end but will give me a base to compare with next year). Stay tuned for how that goes.


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