Tales and tall stories…

Week 1 of Crossfit Games Open

It was going to be a big week from the beginning with everyone ramping up for the Crossfit games. Whether it was competing or just the anticipation of what the athletes faced, there was a definate buzz in the air.

We started the week with 1 of the hardest WODs I’d done, 5 rounds for time of; 10x Thrusters, 10x Burpees and a 200m run. Warm up was 21-15-9 of pushpress, air squat & pushups. This on its own was a workout let alone the main event to follow. I kicked off my first round quite comfortably with 30kg on the bar but by the 3rd I was knackered. The last 2 were a huge struggle and I completed the final feeling light headed and ready to spew, all the signs of a big effort and a time of 15:18.

Wednesday was a Hero WOD“Griff”. For time run 800m forward, 400m backwards, 800m forward and finish with another 400m backwards (very entertaining for passing motorists). We warmed up with a bit of Snatch practice as this was 1 of the movments needed for the 1st Open games WOD. Then we hit Griff… Not a big fan of running and my ongoing shin issues I was going to do a row combination, but at the last minute I went bugger it and thought I’d try the run. In the end this was a great decision, I completed the WOD full RxD, 15:06 and with no shin issues. The longest run I had done in a long time and definately 1 of the hardest. It was a great feeling to have completed my first RxD WOD and for it to be a running WOD. Needless to say I was pretty chuffed with my efforts.

To end the working week another tough WOD was ahead of us, this was a WOD from the 2008 Crossfit Games, for time, 5 rounds of 5x deadlifts followed by everyones favourite 10x burpees. No rest for the wicked here. Starting witha  gentle warmup of 10x 20m sprints and at the end of every 2nd sprint we had to do 5 air squats and 5 pushups. I hit the deadlifts with 100kg and was somewhat regretting this by round 4, but managed to finished with a respectable 7:42 after almost not making it backup off the ground after the last set of burpees. Finishing the night with a 5min squat hold, we were all glad to be done.

Saturday saw a number of The Crossfit Chamber athletes competing in the 1st Games Open WOD. There was a good crowd turnout to support and cheer them on for a very challenging seesion. Posted earlier in the week, the WOD consisted of, AMRAP in 10mins of 30 Double Unders & 15x Power snatches (35KG). There were guesses as to how well each could do and their goal, but only time would tell. As I missed this I don’t have all the results but below are a few pics of the athletes in action. And for more details checkout out the Crossfit Games Open page, and see just what is in store for those competing as well as results form around the world.

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