Tales and tall stories…

Improvements Being Noticed

As the weeks have gone on the body is starting to see big improvements from all the efforts put in. I’ve now just completed my 8th week and in that time have already dropped 7kg and increased muscle mass while reducing body fat. The effects of Crossfit and a healthier diet are starting to be noticed by those around me and also myself when working out and riding. I have really noticed a marked improvement when racing as well.

This week kicked off with a decent smashing. We warmed up with a nice lil run session, 200m forward, 200m backwards, 200m forward and another 200m backwards. This was followed by the main session, 5 rounds for time of 12x Wall ball, 24x kettlebell swings and 12x ring dips or hand release pushups. With the kettlebells I started at 16kg but ended up dropping to 12kg for the last 2 rounds so I didn’t drop the damn thing on my head. I managed to knock this one over in a respectable 13:40.

Wednesday saw us take on another strength session, 20mins to find out 1 rep max for overhead squats. Warmup was 21-15-9 of overhead walking lunge (with 10kg), ring rows and 200m run (I subbed with a row). I was very impressed to make the top 5 on this WOD with 65kg.

Friday’s session, which I almost missed after getting away from work later than usual, had us completing 3 rounds of 400m run, 15x Sumo deadlift highpulls, 15x box jumps and 30x doubleunders or 75x singles for time. A nice way to end the week. I subbed the 400m run to 200m, had 43kg on the bar (as we ran out of weights) and did the 75 single skips. I finished with a time of 12:23 and then went and did a 600m row to make up for the shorter runs.

The Saturday session saw the guys doing this week’s Games WOD which was an AMRAP of 5 minutes to smash out as many squat clean and jerks as possible. The guys at 75kg and women at 50kg. Not competing in the games I did have a test of the weight to see what these guys were up against and 75kg is heavy, i struggled to even pull off 1 rep at full weight.

To see just how hard this WOD is check out the below video of The Crossfit Chamber’s head coach Chad Johnson doing the WOD. Chad completed 25 of each to get a score of 50.

To see one of the machines at the top of the ladder, check out the 2008 Games winner Jason Khalipa completing this WOD and his lead up to it.


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