Tales and tall stories…


Just a quick post for last week as I didn’t get around to doing it when i should have.

Monday was a nice lil AMRAP session, We kicked off with a warmup of; 4 rounds of, 10x wall balls, 3x burpees and a 200m run. Then hit the 12 minute AMRAP which involved, 10x front squat, 10x box jumps and 10 chest to bar pullups. This was a bit of a gassing session but I managed 5 rounds plus 2 squats.

Wednesday was a nice long session, for time run 400m 50 x Push Ups 10 x Burpees 50 x  Air Squats Run 600m 50 x Air Squats 10 x Burpees 50 x Push Ups Run 400m. Warm up was 4 rounds of  30secs skipping and 12 wall balls. For this WOD I substituted the run for rowing and managed to finish in 14:16. This was a damn hard workout but it felt good to finish.

To finish the week we did some strength work, 20mins to find our 5 rep max of front squats. So the warm up was almost a workout in itself, 40x walking lunge, 20x pushups, 200m run, 20x walking lunges, 10 pushups and another 200m run. I pushed my way to 90kg but couldn’t pull off 5reps so had to settle for 5 @ 85kg.

Saturday saw week 2 of the Crossfit Games open qualifiers with the crew pulling some good results, well done to all.


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