Tales and tall stories…


Well you’re obviously here to find out more about the person writing this drawl.

I’m an IT tech with a passion for cycling and Crossfit. Predominately I’m into mountain biking, but to add a bit of variety and get some extra kms into the legs I have dabbled into road cycling. Since getting into the road scene I have joined a local club, South Perth Rouleurs. This provides an extra motivation to get out on those not so nice days and meet like minded individuals.

This blog will tell you some of the rides I get up to, including races I participate in as well as workouts and my progression thru Crossfit. I’ll probably branch into some tech stuff occasionally, a review here and there and share any other adventures along the way. At times I may also use it as a place to vent and get topics out there for discussion, and voice an opinion. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think, it’s all about sharing.


One response

  1. Hi There,

    I am extremely impressed with your blog, I would like to invite you to join Huck to Flat as a contributor and perhaps a moderator if you have the time.



    6 May, 2011 at 21:15

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