Tales and tall stories…


Bike Clean & Service

Recently I attended a PIHC workshop on cycling nutrition & hydration. Part of the night involves door prizes and other random giveaways. I managed to win a free bike clean on offer from Eddy Holland’s Bicycle Services. The prize of the night was Bont shoes which went to the guy next to me, damn it (I needed those as i had just broken mine – see Broken).

With the Dwellingup 100 this weekend and having just done a training ride on sunday the mountain bike was in need of a tune up and clean, what better time to take advantage of this great prize. I phoned Eddy on the Monday night and was able to book an appointment for Tuesday morning, Bonus!!

Eddy rocked up on time and ready to go, I’m not sure he realised the state of my ride before hand, and given most of his clients usually have road bikes, mine was nice and dirty. He got to the task and had the beast tamed within an hour. The most notable area of cleanliness was the rear cluster after a few wet, muddy rides this had built up a nice dose of crud, but now looks as new.

All in all a nice job done considering the original state. Next time I might be nicer and let him have a go of the roadie, minus mud. So if your time poor, lack the skills or just lazy, give Eddy a call to come tune your ride and keep it on the road. He does the job onsite so no need to worry about getting it to and from a shop.


Ride of the Twitter Clown’s

Well with the Dwellingup 100 fast approaching i thought i really should get in a training ride or 2, and with a mate just getting a new MTB bike (he’s a roadie), what better a time than today. Myself and a few friends from Twitter decided to head down to Langford Park, Jarrahdale for a few hours, have a bit of training ride and induct the noob into the world of MTBing.

The weather was looking ok, no rain on the radar, but with the previous days rain the track would be fun. Lee stopped in on the way to pick me, no point using 2 cars to go to the same place when he live sup the road and we headed south. We got to the meet point on time and had to wait for Dave, who needs to remember the road keeps going :p Ended up finding him down the road in the main carpark where a few others had come along to ride the trails.

Heading out we decided to follow the signage and make use of the Wembley 6hr course from a little while back, this would be easiest in case anyone got lost. The course was still really easy to follow and in good condition except for a few low spots where water had built up. Most of the trail held pretty well except for a few of the wet spots being muddy and slippery, normally the dry gravel can be loose and on the edge.

The day was fairly uneventful, except an early trip into the scrub by myself (think i was still waking up at that point) and further down the track Lee got a bit keen over a jump and gave himself a nice graze to the forearm. Nothing that isn’t expected when having a thrash on the MTB.

After a lap and a half of the course is was time to head home as we all had other commitments for the day, if only weekends were longer. But we left with a parting quote from Lee – “I’m selling my road bike and going MTBing every weekend” if only all roadies had this presence of mind…. 🙂


Hi all, and welcome to my 1st post. I was going to start with the usual crap and introduce the blog but had something more interesting to share.

Began the usual way, entry the week before, bike prep etc. My brother(Fritz) was coming to town for the race, his 1st taste of an XC race and 1st decent off-road MTB ride on his new Stead. Was set to be a fun day. The weather leading up to the day had not been the most encouraging but the weather(person) ensured us it was getting better, well for a change they were right.

Early Sunday morning I woke Fritz to get ready for the race, it was round 4 of the State XC hosted by PMBC at The Goatfarm. We had a quick bite and piled the bikes and gear into the car and set off up the hill to Greenmount. Bit of drizzle on the way but nothing to worry about. Almost got held up behind a couple of haulpacs trying to get under the overpass, talk about tight squeeze. Once on site met up with a mate(madrapper) who was joining us for the race, his first on the dirt this year.

We put our bikes together and sorted outselves before rego opened. Then it was off for a warmup & recci lap. Thankfully we did the warmup lap as it gave us an idea of what was ahead and find out really how much climbing there was. Plus it gave me a chance to drop a grade, because i didn’t feel up to battling the usual guys on a demanding course. The warmup lap went well and we got back with a bit of time to make minor adjustments and to get the new timing chips PMBC were trialling. Was a bit sceptical about them as they basically just looked like stick on jam labels, but they held on well considering the amount of water and mud thrown at them. I would be interested to know how they faired with the timing sensors.

Anyway we headed off to the start line at the bottom of the hill, this provided a bit of road to self seed. This is were the day went downhill (not the downhill we loved on the trail though). Somehow while waiting i fell over, don’t know whether i slipped on the gravel, overbalanced or moved the wrong way, but the next thing i know i’m on some poor guys bike(apologies) and into the fence. Normally this gives u a bit of damaged pride and gets a few laughs, but not today. Once i finally managed to get up i found i had ripped the major buckle off my shoe and my foot was hurting(later finding out i had broken my toe…again!!). Thankfully both bikes were ok. Disregarded the shoe and thought i could battle on for the race.

The catergory waves began to start and madrapper somehow missed his and started with Fritz and myself. Off we headed, i got a few hundred metres to the official start point and had to stop. The shoe really wasn’t going to hold, especially with all the climbing. Hit up a few people for tape but the best i found in the end was some zip ties in the back of the PMBC trailer (thanks guys, owe someone some ties or a beer). These were to be a life saver for the race and held on pretty well, til near the end of the last lap where it slipped.

I then headed off to try and catch the field, got to the 1st corner and there is Fritz walking down the hill, poor bugger snapped his chain, thankfully he got a warmup lap in and a taste of the mud. I continued on and headed up the hill quickly accumulating a good dose of the mud, by now the course was already starting to mush. Halfway up the hill i managed to catch one of the tail guys in my category, this wasn’t looking so bad. As i got closer and overtook I realised this poor guy would be lucky to make the end, he was struggling already.

First lap finished with no major issues and continued on to the 2nd, things were going to be even more fun as the course had now become a bit cutup with all the traffic. A few corners were getting deep including once nice blind right hander that got a few riders including myself. By now there was a bit of light drizzle around and the hills were taking there toll on my legs, been riding too many flat roads of late i think. Rest of the race went pretty well a few slips in the trying conditions and an OTB in the rock garden(spectators say i had a good recovery). The last bit of my final lap prooved some fun as it was at the bottom of the hill and water had kept building up all race, combined with the course traffic and tired legs it was a hard slog, but the site of the finish was encouraging. It was at this point i caught a few stragglers including a guy from the next category and knew it wasn’t just me having a bad day. Also at this point i see madrapper standing taking photos and think WTF? Turns out he had some issues of his own, flat just into his final lap.

I hit the finish and was thankful to have made it without damage to my bike, just my shoes and myself. It was now home to hose down the bikes and get a good feed into us, which ended up being a Fast Eddy’s burger with the lot.

All in all a good day was had by all, but at a small cost of broken bits & pieces. The course was challenging but fun although conditions did mess it up a bit.