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PMBC XC Series – Boddington

Yes I know its been a while as a few of you have mentioned to me, but bills need paying and bikes need to be ridden, plus the occasional sleep helps achieve all this.

Today was round 5 of the PMBC XC series, held at Boddington south east of Perth. Besides the few locals, Boddington is basically a mining (gold) town with a very small population, but until they decide to dig a bit further the mine has allowed us to keep using some of the land as an MTB course. This is currently on a year to year basis so if you get the chance to ride the trail down there, do it! cos it just might not be there for that much longer.

Anyway due to an injury earlier in the week I wasn’t going to be racing, but with the lil lady looking after those of you who struggle to stay upright I was heading down to help anyway. This provided a great opportunity to see a bit more of what goes on in the field when I’m normally racing, or as some of us like to call it, “we’re doing a timed ride”. Really who calls Sport a race, besides the few sandbaggers at the front, the rest of us just do it for fun and to beat our mates to the first beer.

The weather forecast had been a bit mixed and the trip down was not really giving any indication of what to expect. In the end we got a bit of drizzle here and there but generally ended up being a great day for riding. The rain in the buildup to the weekend had made the course nice and fast, firming down the usually loose gravel we have learnt to love here in WA.

Racing kicked of in the usual fashion with the juniors smashing out the short laps with good competition in the under 13s. Special mention to young Riley whom I think had to be pried off his bike at the end of the day. I’m pretty sure the only time he got off all day was to grab a quick hotdog. This was followed by the first wave of the “big kids” races. It was a bit of a slow start with our trainee commas-airs going through the procedures (these guys will be a valuable asset to MTB racing in WA in the coming years) but we riders were soon out on the trail and lapping it up.

It wasn’t too long into the day when we had our 1st and only casualty of the day. Lewis, one of the younger riders misjudged a trail feature and decided to get closer to nature (or maybe he was trying to find some of that Gold buried in the dirt). Thankfully our trained 1st Aid staff were on hand to help him back and get him cleaned up. He may be feeling it a bit this week, but hopefully Lewis will be back for Marinnup. For his efforts Lewis took home a $50 voucher to a long time sponsor, Bootleg Brewery.

Besides that bit of excitement the rest of the race went smoothly for most with the usual suspects placing. We must congratulate the new riders to novice, for some of them this was only there 1st or 2nd race. It’s good to see some new blood coming in and we hope they enjoy themselves. Marrinup is easier so no excuses.

Next on the agenda was the big boys of the local racing scene, with only 5 riders in the elite field today everyone, who finished, was getting a place. The 1st 2 laps were like a freight train with the field just sitting in. Lap 3 was where things changed with breaks forming and stretching riders out a bit. This was where the race was won for the top dogs & eventually taken by Robbie Rhodes.

Expert was also hotly contested, well except for the machine that is Reece Tucknott, coming of the back of a TT the day before he was on a mission to catch the elite riders. With such a huge lead it was left to the remaining riders to fight it out for secondary placings. JC was keen to make his presence felt, with fresh legs but recurring mechanicals saw his steed launched into the scrub in frustration. Not to be out done, PMBC club president, Greg Murison, who has been battling multiple flats in almost every race this year, except today, was pushed back thru the field with cable issues, but did manage to baby his ride across the line to make a finish. Another rider pleased with his efforts was Ash Genefaas, starting the day with top 8 aspirations (in a field of 8) he was happy to claim 5th.

We can’t forget the women’s field, with the new combined expert/elite field this year there is a great mix of talent here to be seen. Especially with the likes of Cat Norris mixing it at this level within her 1st year of racing. Look forward to seeing more from these ladies.

Full Results

All in all a decent day out, as always thanks to the volunteers who help make these events happen, and also the sponsors who support them and the prizes they provide.

See you all at the next race, Marrinup August 28th.


PMBC XC race 2 – Pemberton

Last weekend saw race 2 of the PMBC XC series contested down at Pemberton in WA’s beautiful South West. This was set to be a big weekend with 2 XC races on the Saturday with 20% extra points up for grabs followed by a Super D on the Sunday.

With a bit of prepacking on Thursday night it was a dash home from work on Friday to load it all into the car before heading south. The trip down was pretty boring except for the spectacular meteor that flashed across the sky half way down. A quick stop for food in Bunbury and I was soon in Pemby where I met up with Doozy and we headed to our humble accommodation for the weekend, the Pemberton Forest Stay. 1st on the list was to get the fire going so there was some warmth when we hit the hay, really should have been going and waiting for us but we won’t hold that against the rest of the crew 🙂

Saturday morning after some sort of sleep it was up and at em. The crew was ready to roll with 6 of us mounting up for the day including our new recruit Gemma, this was to be her first XC race (did she really know what she was in for??) Most of us were hoping to get in a practice lap before rego and the race, as per usual this didn’t happen. I managed to take Gemma for a quick lap of the skills loop to give her a taste for the terrain and bit of a leg warmup.

A bit of a quick opening presentation and the juniors were soon off and racing, some of these young riders are well on their way to being future champions. Soon after it was time for the 1st wave of riders to line up and head off. Mike was first off with the old fellas soon to be followed by myself in Sport Men & Gemma in Sport Women for race 1. Mounted up with 2 cameras this race I was hoping for some great footage and the spanking new seat post mounted GoPro did not disappoint. The start was not too frantic with many riders choosing to take it easy early on as part of their 2 race strategy.

We headed around the skills loop and back through the transition area before heading up the hill via a number of switchbacks and the firetrail before heading back into the singletrack. A few kms of this and we were soon at the top of the Relentless Blue Downhill course. This is a nice flowing downhill run with a number of small North Shore obstacles to liven things up. This included the much loved wooden berms were I got some good footage of the rider behind be eating dirt on the exit straight (he has informed me that although a little sore he is stoked someone got it on camera). Lap 2 was much the same but with less fuel in the legs and the inherent need to keep some reserves for race 2, and the fact I did an extra lap of the skills course at the end didn’t help.

The GoPro at work

After finishing it was time for a rest and to see how the others had fared. I caught up with Ness (the better half of my team mate at the 12hr) to see how her race had gone and in the process found poor Gemma in the ambo being attended to. I though great this is what she needs in her 1st race, an accident to spook her. Well there was a bit of blood and a nice ‘trophy’ of the incident but Gemma HTFU and was keen for race 2.

By now Cat, Ash & Doozy had headed off for their races so while we rested and waited for our 2nd race we cheered them and the other riders on. There was some tight competitions happening between the different categories which definitely kept things alive from lap to lap.

Soon enough it was time for race 2 and too much chatting and catching up on how the others went almost saw us miss the start, but we made it just in time. Race 2 incorporated some common parts of the race 1 lap but threw in the Hell Mile. As the name suggests, its not the easiest piece of trail to ride, especially for your 2nd race and with the ‘lovely’ conditions. This section would make or break some riders. I took a nice swig of HTFU and just kept on going, the only thing stopping me was a few mislocated tree roots that proved a little slippery for everyone. We soon came out of Hell Mile and hit a bit of familiar trail that would lead us to the top of Cool Runnings. Now this is a lot more enjoyable, a nice downhill run consisting of a number of dirt berms and jumps to negotiate. I swear this is the only reason we are stupid enough to ride up hills.

The first lap was spent mostly trying to find the right pace and get through to the end. Lap to was just a matter of getting to the end and not giving in. Most of this lap I spent with 2 other riders who were around my pace and we helped push each other through and have a laugh along the way. As we were nearing the end of lap 2 I passed the ambo out on course, never a good thing. They already had the rider so I didn’t know who it was. I finished of the lap and was soon to find out that it was Ness. She had come off and bashed her knee on a rock. After a quick pep talk and reassurance we would grab her bike (the most important thing) Ness was off to the hospital for a checkup. (don’t worry she was fine and made it to the presentations that night)

Race 1 Start

Mike, Gemma & myself stuck around for a few laps of the 2nd race for Cat, Ash & Doozy before heading back to camp to get in a quick shower before presentations. Soon after the rest of the gang rocked back to the house, got cleaned up and we headed in for a feed and presentations.

Presentations went alright for the crew, with Mike getting 2nd for his category, Gemma picking up a bottle of wine for competing in her 1st race and Ash claiming the Grand Prize in the raffle. All in all a great day was had. Thanks to everyone who made this event possible, I don’t need to be individual Tony has done that, but I will thank him for making this race happen. With out him and the support he gets from everyone these events wouldn’t happen for us.

Note – I didn’t see much of the Super D as I had to head back to Perth, but it sounded like it went well and the bit I saw will make it worth staying for next year.

Most photos thanks to Jose from Apogee Photography – the race gallery on the Apogee site is progressively being updated this week so check back regularily to find a photo of yourself.